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We are sons, we are fathers, but most importantly, we are brothers. This status is something held near and dear to us. It takes a special man to serve in the United States Military. It takes an even better man to be a brother in the Viet Nam Vets Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club. Being a veteran is the first step, but it takes much more than just a DD214. It takes heart, perseverance, and the desire to serve your brother at a moments notice before yourself. Above all else, you have to be willing to stand with brothers of like mind for what’s right.

In The Beginning

When returning from Viet Nam, the veterans found themselves not welcomed home with open arms, but were met by protests, being spat at, and public disowned by society. This wasn’t the worst of it. When returning, new stresses were formed in the family dynamic. Family members didn’t know how to react to their veterans return, but much worse, most didn’t care as they didn’t see it as a real war. The war was real, many of our brother service members gave the ultimate sacrifice. Unpopular or not, the war costed many in different ways. Ultimately, the only support the vets could find was solace in each other

Today there are two patches the Viet Nam Vets and the Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club. These are two different patches but it is all one club. It is the responsibility of the Legacy Vets to not only continue the club, preventing its eventual extinction, but to carry on the legacy that the Viet Nam Veteran brothers have started. This isn’t just a responsibility, but an honor for those that do this to date.